The Blue House apartments !
vacation apartments on Island Krk, town of Cizici, Croatia



The Blue House is in Croatia, Island Krk, town of Cizici.

Cizici is a small town situated on the coast of the Soline Bay. The Bay is excellent situated because it is relatively in the middle of the island and it is easy to reach every part of the Island Krk, and more. You can find more maps on MISC page.

Island Krk Map. Island Krk ( see map ) is situated in the middle of, what is known as, Kvarner region of Croatia.
On the left is Soline Bay photo.
If You are coming with a boat, spot in the little port in Cizici can be arranged.
Our location from the air.
Entrance to the Blue House property is by the coast. If You are coming by car, when You pass the town sign, turn right along the Sea for 100 m and You will see the gate in the picture. This photo is from "Malinska" side.
This view is if You are coming from Rijeka using that "small road" shortcut for Cizici.
If You are using that road, DO NOT go to the right when You reach Cizici. Just drive straight to the sea and You will see this view.
Entrance from the beach.

Distance from the gate to the house is 80 m. The beach is just under. The Blue House is situated in pine and oak-tree forest.

GPS coordinates are : +45° 9' 31.9284", +14° 35' 55.8054"
Google Maps : 45.158869 , 14.598835

House location and front gate on Google Map.