The Blue House apartments !
vacation apartments on Island Krk, town of Cizici, Croatia

- Dog friendly -

Pet (dog) friendly apartments

We are very dog friendly. If You have well behaved dog and You clean after it, she/he can stay in our house at no extra charge.
In general, we prefer to have dogs in Apartment III. But, if it is a smaller dog there should be no problem to accommodate them in Apartments I and II.

This is our Rudy. He is a Standard Red Poodle. Here he is working at our parking lot behind the Blue House.
This is Rocky. Here are Rocky and Rudy at the dog beach near Kijac. (10 minutes drive from the Blue House)
Rocky is a Great Dane.
This is Cesi. (Chesy) We are not sure what breed he is. He looks even smaller than chiwawa, but very noisy. Our Rudy looks like a giant next to him.
This is Goldie. She is a Labrador Retriever. She likes to eat a little bit too much.
These are Frieda and Henni. They have visited us in 2016 from Germany.


Again, we love dogs, but You as the owner are obligated to clean after Your dog and pay for any damages that may happen.