The Blue House apartments !
vacation apartments on Island Krk, town of Cizici, Croatia

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Part of the Island Krk map, Cizici (central) region

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Explanation, help and distances from Cizici :
Yellow road is the MAIN island road.
MALINSKA - 10 minutes by car - ATM, Bank, market, fish market, hardware store, pharmacy, restaurants, post office.
NJIVICE - 12 minutes by car - ATM, bank, market, pharmacy, restaurants, pizza, beach.
KLIMNO - 5 minutes by car - market, beach, restaurant, crane for boats, rent-a-boat.
SILO - 12 minutes by car - ATM
DOBRINJ - 10 minutes by car - Old Town, nice view, restaurant "Zora", post office with funny working hours.
VRBNIK - 20 minutes by car - good vine and food at restaurant "Nada", nice view from the top, ATM, bank, beach.
KRK - 20 minutes by car - biggest town on the island, banks, ATM-s, restaurants, ER doctor, rent-a-car, ...
Biserujka cave - 3 minutes by car
Sv.Marak beach - 15 minutes by car
2 big Supermarkets - 10 minutes by car - "Trgovina Krk" and "Plodine". "Plodine has 2 ATM-s.